Computer Systems Laboratory (CSLab)
Department of Digital Systems, University of Thessaly, Greece

The research laboratory was established in September 2020 and started operating on December 2020. The Computer Systems Laboratory (CSLab) aims at the promotion of the research in computer systems, in support and improvement of the quality of the provided education, and more broadly the transfer of know-how through the provision of services and other research activities. In particular, the CSLab is active and conducts research on applying methodologies and techniques in the design, programming, development and implementation of computer systems, both for specific problems and applications as well as for the creation and promotion of new computational architectures and computer systems in problem solving in business and industry.

Indicative areas of research:

  • Design and development of embedded computer systems (microprocessors / microcontrollers, FPGAs, SoCs, special integrated circuits ASICs, etc.).
  • Development of complex and large-scale distributed systems (high performance computer arrays, HPC).
  • Design of advanced real-time systems for control and support of industrial mechatronic systems.
  • Modeling, simulation and analysis of computer systems and their applications.
  • Development of control software for computer systems and their applications.
  • Development and implementation of techniques for testing reliability and diagnostics of hardware and software systems.
  • Development and application of optimum parallel and distributed processing techniques in computer systems in industrial production units.
  • Development of software applications for the design and analysis of computer systems, especially large-scale ones, such as grids, and distributed parallel systems.
  • Quantum Computing Systems
  • Production of educational material using simulation techniques and interactive tools.