The equipment and technical infrastructure of the laboratory is modern and includes various scientific measuring instruments, devices and computers for experimentation and research, as well as software for analysis, design and development of various computer-based systems.

Camera Toshiba Camileo S30

ΝΙ Labview DSP Module

MC Measurement Computing USB 2404 UI – 4 channels

Signal Processing Engineering Educational Device NI speedy 33

Control System Humusoft ce 150 helicopter

Control System FESTO

USD 2.0 audio video grabber Konig

Air compressor RD-AC01 1500W RAIDER

Siemens PLC – logo power 24V 1.3 A

PPI RS232 multimaster cable

Simatic S7 200 cpu 224

SIMATIC S7-200, analog I/O EM 235 6ES7235-0KD22-0XA0

PLC with monitor YOKOGAVA

Liquid temperature measurement transmitter ΥΤΑ610

Electro-pneumatic positioner YTC

Digital Oscilloscope 2 channels Uni-t utd2025

PCL 711s analog to digital CARD with PC

Liquid pump inline pump 12V TMC

Digital power meter energy meter/ kwh meter LPT 200

Amprobe PM55A Pocket Multimeter Amprobe

RaspberryPis, Arduinos, boards, PCs, Laptops, etc.

Matlab, Octave, Quartus, Modelsim, modeling and simulation tools, GisTool, TDAPTool, development tools, measurements software.

Equipment List