Existing collaborations and memoranda of cooperation of the research laboratory with other Research establishments, organizations and industries in Greece and abroad.

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University of Thessaly

Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Thessaly, Larissa, Greece (www.med.auth.gr/content/ergastirio-klinikis-farmakologias ) (Memorandum).

International Hellenic University

Research Laboratory of Advanced Electronic Systems, Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Thessaloniki, Greece (www.iee.ihu.gr/research_labs/) (Memorandum).

Research Laboratory of Robotics and Intelligent Systems, Department of Computer, Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, Serres, Greece (http://ict.ihu.gr/ereuna/) (Memorandum).

  University of Macedonia

Research Laboratory of Computer and Network Systems Technologies, Department of Applied Informatics, Thessaloniki, Greece (https://cnst.dai.uom.gr/) (Memorandum)

University of West Attica

Research Laboratory of Building & Industrial Energy Systems, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Athens, Greece (https://eiclab.eee.uniwa.gr/index.php/el/) (Memorandum).

Electromechanical Machines Constructions Company

Design and construction of Machinery and Machines groups for the production of concrete products, lime production, ready-mixed concrete and other electromechanical  structures, Volos, Greece (www.adam.com.gr) (Memorandum)

Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering at the VSB Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic (https://www.fei.vsb.cz/450/en) (Memorandum).

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Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Computer Systems Research Laboratory (CSLab) of the Digital Systems Department at the University of Thessaly, Greece, directed and represented by Adam Georgios, Associate Professor, and the Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering at the VSB-Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, headed and represented by Professor Jiri Koziorek.
The Memorandum of Understanding aims at jointly promoting the educational, scientific and research cooperation of the two academic units, in the framework of their strategy and objectives, with a clear orientation and emphasis on the international presence, and the growing demands of research and innovation.
The envisaged activities of the two collaborating academic units include the collaboration in research projects, the joint submission of research proposals, the collaboration in postgraduate programs and co-supervision of doctoral dissertations, the organization of joint international scientific events, mutual visits of professors and researchers, and the utilization of available scientific resources.