The Computer Systems Research Laboratory (CSLab) and its members at the Department of Digital Systems, University of Thessaly, Greece, are in position to support PhD candidates whose research interests fall within the research areas of the laboratory.

Indicative areas:

    • Systems design and analysis.
    • Decision support systems.
    • Quantum mechanics and computing.
    • Real-time computer architectures and operating systems.
    • Embedded systems in control.
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
    • Complex and large-scale distributed systems.
    • High performance computing (HPC).
    • Advanced real-time systems for automatic control and support of industrial mechatronic systems.
    • Modeling, simulation and analysis of computer systems and their applications.
    • Control software.
    • Reliability and diagnostics techniques for hardware and software systems.
    • Parallel and distributed processing techniques.
    • Large scale computer systems (grids, distributed parallel systems, etc.).
    • Robotics and mechatronics.

More information regarding the process of a doctoral degree is provided inΚΑΝΟΝΙΣΜΟΣ_ΔΙΔΑΚΤΟΡΙΚΩΝ_ΣΠΟΥΔΩΝ_ΨΣ_v3.pdf. (Greek only)

Additional support, especially financial support, can also be provided from sources such as:

    • Scholarships from the University of Thessaly (UTH): a number of scholarships are awarded on a regular and competitive basis by the Research, Innovation and Excellence Structure (DEKA) of the University of Thessaly (
    • Scholarships from sources other than the University of Thessaly, such as: from the IKY (Foundation of State Scholarships), from the NCSR “Demokritos”, from the Eugenides Foundation, from the Onassis and Bodosakis foundations, etc.
    • Participation in research programs: competitive programs funded mostly by the European Union, as well as for Greek programs funded by ELIDEK, GGEK, PTH and other bodies.

The Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Program ( for Doctoral Networks and Postdoctoral Fellowships are indicative research projects related to supporting doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships, the announcements of which are expected on May 18, 2021.

The CSLab research laboratory with its members and interested PhD and/or postdoctoral candidates will participate in those activities by submitting proposals.

Those interested may contact the Director of the research laboratory Dr. Adam George ( or any of the members of the research laboratory.